Personal Rambling: Use the Fancy Soap

Personal Rambling: Use the Fancy Soap

Did you get something special for Christmas this year?

Some fancy soap? A fancy bottle of wine? Cozy socks that you don’t want to wear because they’ll get dirty? An expensive perfume you feel like you can’t wear on a daily basis?

Use it. Daily. For no reason at all. Enjoy it. Don’t wait.

I’m not sure if this is how other people’s brains work or just mine, but I’m so guilty of holding onto a ‘special’ item for a ‘special’ time that I end up not using it at all. (As a child, I was hesitant to use stickers, because they were special and I needed to use them on something special. Spoiler alert: They never got used.)

I’ll find the item years later and because so much time has passed, it’s now unusable. Nothing hurts more during spring cleaning than realizing you let something you cherish go to waste and you never even got to use it.

The person who got you that gift wants you to enjoy it. So, give yourself permission and use it.

(And then send a thank-you note or text saying how much you enjoyed it!)

Bonus: Believing every day is a ‘special’ occasion can make spring cleaning go much smoother!

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