REVIEW: OWYN Non-Dairy Protein Shake

REVIEW: OWYN Non-Dairy Protein Shake

As I’ve talked about before, I’m always on the hunt for a simple, tasty way to boost my protein intake. While I tried (and enjoyed!) the Blogilates Sculpt & Debloat Protein Bars with Probiotics, I don’t really go to Target enough to be able to buy them consistently. So, when I spotted the OWYN protein shakes BOGO at my grocery store, I decided to take a chance on them!

(Please note: I’m not a nutritionist, doctor, or any other type of medical professional. I’m not interested in giving out nutrition advice, I’m just interested in increasing my own protein intake in a yummy way.)

About the OWYN Non-Dairy Protein Shake

I oddly enough wasn’t able to find the exact product and actual product packaging I bought in person anywhere on the OWYN (which stands for Only What You Need) website as of writing. What I purchased is labeled protein shake, but looks more like the complete nutrition shake in terms of the packaging. Maybe the company is in the midst of switching up their packaging? Regardless, I managed to snag two four-packs, with each drink coming in at 11.15 fluid ounces.

In the 11.15 fl oz container, you get 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. It’s also said to contain 500 mg of Omega 3s, essential amino acids, as well as a greens blend. According to the OWYN website, the greens blend includes broccoli, kale, and spinach. I’ve included a look at the nutritional facts and ingredient lists for the Cookies and Creamless flavor and the Smooth Vanilla below if you’re curious:

If you’re someone that has tummy issues after consuming sugar alcohols (like me…) and are picky about the type of sweetener you eat, there’s good news! The company says it only uses monk fruit extract and organic cane sugar, meaning no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.

This thankfully doesn’t impact me, but OWYN says all of its products are tested for 9 common allergens, including soy, gluten, egg, peanuts, and more. (Obviously, if you have a allergy, do your own research and verification!) 

My Experience Trying the OWYN Non-Dairy Protein Shake

I went in with zero expectations about the OWYN shakes. I had never heard of this brand or seen it stocked at the grocery store before. It was definitely an impulse buy. 

I ended up getting the Cookies and Creamless and Smooth Vanilla flavors. Chocolate was there too, but I’ve never been a chocolate-flavored fan; I prefer actual chocolate instead.

I expected to like the Cookies and Creamless more, but ended up liking the Smooth Vanilla better! Both flavors are extremely sweet, though I found them very easy to drink. I think it’s because the liquid is so thin. For whatever reason, I thought it would be thicker. If it’s too sweet for you, you could try mixing a shake in with a cup of unsweetened cold brew. That way it’s more like a coffee with a generous amount of creamer. But I liked it by itself!

The packaging says it’s meant to be a snack, not a meal replacement, which I appreciated.

Final Thoughts on the OWYN Non-Dairy Protein Shake

 Would I buy it again? If can get them on sale again, absolutely! I found the shakes to be extremely easy to drink, tasty, and a quick way to get a significant serving of protein into my day. However, for the normal price of over $11 for a 4-pack, it’s more than I want to pay, personally, for one source of protein.

However, it does make we want to expand beyond their protein drinks and try out their actual protein powders. They offer the Smooth Vanilla flavor in a 2lb (28 serving) container for $39.99, so that’s getting much closer to what I would be willing to pay.

Have you tried out OWYN products? Leave your reviews and favorites below! I’m curious if the powder is as good as the pre-made drinks.

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