What is face yoga? (Plus 3 favorite videos)

What is face yoga? (Plus 3 favorite videos)

Ever feel like your face looks just kind of… blah? Almost stale?


Lately, I’ve been feeling like there’s nothing wrong in particular with my complexion. There’s not too many breakouts, there’s not too many wrinkles (yet), but it’s also not quite glowy.

This is why I decided to gave face yoga a try.

So, what is face yoga?

Basically, the entire concept of face yoga is working all of the muscles in your face to help give a youthful, firm appearance. With 43 different muscles in your face, there’s a lot to move.

I recently discovered three videos on YouTube that contain simple, but effective exercises on how to practice face yoga at home. Yes, you will feel a bit silly doing some of the ‘exercises’. (You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get there. I would recommend doing this alone in your bathroom where no one can see you. Or make it a ridiculous part of girl’s night if that’s your thing.)

My favorite face yoga videos


This video is definitely the most high energy of the bunch. I think it would be the best one to do in the morning to help wake yourself and your skin up for the day.



This third video is technically more of a facial massage, but I couldn’t NOT share it after reading the comments. People are really believers that this makes a huge difference when done daily or even twice a day. I personally like to do this massage using either apricot oil or rosehip oil to help the hands glide easier while also reaping the benefits of whichever oil you choose.

Final thoughts on face yoga

Does face yoga actually work in making you look younger? It all depends on who you ask.

At the minimum, it’s free, doesn’t hurt anything, and could be a good way to decompress and relax each day. (Breathwork meditation is another great option to chill out if that’s what you’re after).

eucalyptus plant to boost relaxation during face yoga

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