Feeling Guilty About A Splurge?

Feeling Guilty About A Splurge?

Whether it was Prime Day shopping or just a random shopping spree at Ulta Beauty (#truestory), it’s easy to feel guilty about a splurge. Your brain starts asking all sorts of questions: Do I really need this? Should I get this now or wait? What if it goes on a bigger sale later? Or maybe that’s just how my brain operates.

While I can’t tell you how to spend your money or what works for your budget, there was a quote I saw recently that I’ve been unable to get out of my head when it comes to splurges.

“When you buy something cheap and bad, the best you’re going to feel about it is when you buy it. When you buy something expensive and good, the worst you’re going to feel about it is when you buy it.”

James Clear

You all know I love James Clear and his book Atomic Habits! But if you’re not subscribed to his 3-2-1 weekly newsletter, you are seriously missing out on gems like the above quote. (Check out the newsletter here.)

I’m hoping the quote is as powerful for you as it was for me. It’s personally guided some of my recent decisions and I have no regrets or guilt. I am absolutely LOVING my new Fenty Beauty highlighter from Ulta Beauty, which was a definite splurge and something that I’ve wanted for literal years.

Have any unique financial tips or quotes that help guide your decisions? Leave a comment below!

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