New to Visualization & Manifesting? Me too

New to Visualization & Manifesting? Me too

I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but I’ve been recently exploring the power of visualization, manifesting, and the law of attraction. Before you roll your eyes and close the tab, stick with me a minute.

I’ve long had my doubts that visualizing something you want could help actually bring it into existence, but a recent two-part series on The Mindset Mentor made me reconsider my assumptions. Or at least give it a try. (What do I have to lose?)

If you have time to listen to the episodes, I highly recommend it. It’s just under 40 minutes for both:

In these episodes (the second one specifically), the host, Rob Dial, brought up a point that has really stuck with me: We imagine bad things happening in the future all the time.

What if I fail that test? What if I get fired? What if everyone laughs at me? You get the point.

But, what if we imagine good things happening in our future instead?

Doesn’t that make you excited about the future? When you’re excited about the future, don’t you also work harder, act nicer, have more patience, etc.?

I’m still figuring out how to actually implement this in my daily life, but I’ve been enjoying this 10-minute Manifestation Meditation:

There’s something about doing this in the morning that sets the tone for my day. Or even mid-day when I start feeling tired and unmotivated. (Practicing gratitude can also provide a major boost!)

I’m still new to all of this, so if you have any resources or personal stories about your experience with visualization and manifesting, please share in the comments below!

If you’re new to visualization too, I’d love to hear from you.

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