What I’m Into: November 2023

What I’m Into: November 2023

It’s that weird time of year where Halloween is behind us and everyone is in disagreement on whether to focus on Thanksgiving or Christmas. This year, it seems like Christmas is winning. Holiday jingles have already started playing over store speakers and the displays are largely red and green.

With the change in season, I wanted to update my latest obsessions. I love looking back at these posts (like June 2023) and being reminded of past joys and interests, and I hope you enjoy them too and maybe find your own inspiration!

On Fire: The Official Survivor Podcast

I like podcasts. I like Survivor. So, why not combine the two? That’s where the On Fire: The Official Survivor Podcast comes in.

I’ve listened to every episode released so far and I’m low-key obsessed! I really liked the first season where Jeff Probst and the other hosts went deep into certain topics like editing and getting all the cameras set up. Though, this second season following the actual Survivor season a bit more closely is worth listening to if you’re a fan. It’s nice being able to hear other people’s thoughts on certain game moves and get more insight into what’s really going on out there.

FitbyMik Fitness Videos

You all know I love my YouTube workout videos and I’m always excited when I find a new trainer. Enter FitbyMik.

My sister introduced me to her videos and I immediately liked her training style. It’s calm, motivating, and encouraging (no shouting or shaming!). For a full-body workout, I love this (below) 20-minute standing dumbbell, no-repeat video!

I like this one because it’s short, no-repeat, and is as challenging as you make it! When I was consistently doing this video 2 or 3 times a week, I noticed a significant change in my arm muscle tone. Arms are my weakness, so it was likely beginner gains, but I was super impressed. I really should pick this back up, but I’ve been focusing a bit more on my running lately.

For a shorter burn, I really like the 10 minute Barre Arms workout. Even though it’s light weight, it’s a serious challenge- especially for your shoulders.

I would love to try to consistently stick to this one and see if it delivers results. But either way, I enjoy it after a long day of work where I want to do something active, but nothing too strenuous.

Good & Gather Coffee Sold by Target

How come nobody told me Target has fun, seasonal coffee flavors!? Was I the last to know this? Has everyone been keeping this secret?

I picked up a few holiday flavors this past week and am loving the flavors I’ve tried so far.

Target had a Strawberry Cream coffee back in the spring/summer that I can’t wait for them to bring back. Mixed with (a generous serving of) creamer, it tasted like strawberry milk.

Have any fun obsessions to share? Leave a comment below!

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