BEAUTY REVIEW: Aldi’s Lacura Face Care H2O Advance Aqua Gel

BEAUTY REVIEW: Aldi’s Lacura Face Care H2O Advance Aqua Gel

It seems like Aldi has been shaking things up lately.

One of my favorite cleansers, the Lacura Face Care Hydrating Facial Cleanser, has disappeared from the shelves (at least at the store near me) and new products are popping up. That includes the Lacura Face Care H2O Advance Aqua Gel with Hyaluronic Acid, which I couldn’t resist giving a try.

About Lacura Face Care H2O Advance Aqua Gel

Immediately, I found myself drawn to this product because it looks like a dupe for the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. I love Neutrogena’s product, but it’s just a little more than I want to pay for a container of that size, so I was thrilled Aldi was giving it a shot.

Lacura Face Care H2O Advance Aqua Gel Container and Box

On the packaging, Lacura’s product is described as the following: “Lacura H2O Advance Aqua Gel is a moisturizer which provides intensive hydration for your skin for up to 24 hours. The soft gel formulation delivers a special nourishing treatment which helps you skin feeling soft and supple, when used daily. Suitable for all skin types.”

The packaging also highlights that it contains hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5, and glycerin, and claims to provide “moisture recharge”, “up to 24 hours skin hydration”, and “gives a pleasant skin feeling.”

My Experience Using Lacura Face Care H2O Advance Aqua Gel

I used this product every morning for a few weeks… and I hate to say it, but I wasn’t the biggest fan.

The pros:

-The gel has a cooling, lightweight feel and is pleasant to put on after a shower

-I like that the gel contains hyaluronic acid, which is supposed to help with keeping skin hydrated

-It did provide a ‘pleasant skin feeling’ like the packaging promised

Lacura Face Care H2O Advance Aqua Gel

The cons:

-That ‘pleasant skin feeling’ could, at times, feel almost oily if you apply too much

-I didn’t like the scent of the gel. It had a very laundry detergent kind of vibe and was rather strong

-I didn’t like the way my skin looked while using this product

To be fair, the last point isn’t necessarily the gel’s fault, but I was having the worst breakouts during the time that I was using this gel. It could have been other things like stress, what I was eating, etc. I think if the scent wasn’t so strong, I would be open to giving the gel another shot. But for now, I’m going to pass on this one and wait to see what Lacura Face Care comes up with next!

Have you tried the Lacura Face Care H2O Advance Aqua Gel? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on the product!

68 thoughts on “BEAUTY REVIEW: Aldi’s Lacura Face Care H2O Advance Aqua Gel

  1. I just bought this product yesterday and I love it too. It feels clean and fresh on my face. Absorbs quickly.
    I did not notice an unpleasant scent or oiliness.
    Also no animal testing.
    And the price was under $4 for a 1.7 Oz. glass jar. My skin is soft and glowing. I love this product!

    1. Hi Joan,

      I’m happy to hear you like the aqua gel! All of these positive reviews make me want to give it another shot.

      Also completely agree- it’s a great price point!


    2. Just started using. Been using all the other lacura products and am very happy with this one too. No oily feeling and I have a very sensitive sense of smell and couldn’t smell anything unpleasant.

      1. Hi Birgit,

        I’m glad to hear you’re having a positive experience with the gel! I love all the other Lacura products, but my skin doesn’t seem to like this one unfortunately.

        I agree that the smell isn’t unpleasant, but I find it to be too strong for me. I’ll admit that I’m especially sensitive to smells and find strong smells will often trigger headaches.

        Thank you for taking the time to read & comment!


  2. I just bought it—and put it on under ELF Camo CC cream and-wow—-wrinkles actually disappeared. My face looks great—but I’ll wait a few days and see if I get breakouts. I was skeptical, but the price tag is awesome—and so is the product, so far!

    1. Hi Laura-

      Thank you for sharing your experience! It seems like you and everyone else is absolutely loving this product and I’m the odd one out. I’m definitely going to give it another chance.

      Are you using it morning and night? Or just once a day?


    2. I have been using lakura moisturizer daytime I love it.It is 5 years now. I’ve been using it and people have literally asked me. What moisturizer do I use? Every so often I’ll get a break out, but to be honest it’s the makeup not the cream!!

      1. Love it, evertime I’m in Aldi’s I look for it to stock away. Makes my skin feel great and pumps the wrinkles. Mind you it’s not a miracle worker but as a everyday cream I love it with my serums

        1. Hi Jackie-

          Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m happy it’s working so well for you and your skin. I wish it worked for me. You definitely can’t beat the price and everyone else seems to absolutely love it too.


  3. I was using the H2O Advance Aqua Gel at night, and experienced breakouts while doing so. Every time I used it my skin looked and felt clammy. I don’t like the residue feel of it on my face and will go back to using only the Lacura day and night cream. Also miss the Lacura facial cleanser!

    1. Hi Julie-

      This sounds more like the experience that I had with the aqua gel, except I was using it during the day. But it seems like everyone else is really liking it. Maybe it has to do with different skin types?

      I also prefer the Lacura Day and Night Cream to the gel, though I end up using the night cream for both daytime and night time. (I’m not the biggest fan of the Day Cream’s scent.)

      Thanks for leaving a comment!


  4. Oh my. I LOVE the H2O.
    I use it under my foundation and morning and night…because I can afford to. My face feels so soft all the time now.
    LOVE IT!

    1. Hi Brenda-

      I’m glad to hear it’s working well for your skin! It definitely does leave a nice, soft feeling.

      I appreciate you leaving a comment!


      1. I LOVE it. Quickly absorbs into the skin. Really makes the wrinkles DISSAPEAR. Dries quickly. Scent did not interfere with my cologne. The price point, under $4.00, can’t be beat.
        I have recommended to all my friends.

        1. Debby-

          I’m thrilled that you’ve had such a great experience with this product! Judging by all of the comments, I’m definitely in the minority on this one. For whatever reason, it seems to make my skin breakout.

          Being such a great price, I wish it worked for me!

          Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


  5. I mature combination skin. I absolutely love this stuff. I just tried it this past week, while I was waiting for a shipment of something else I ordered . The price is great at Aldi’s . I was shocked to find a product that works well and is Affordable . The scent is light, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t make my skin oily. Also it doesn’t pill when using other products and sunscreen. They have a moisturizer that I’m going to try too. If it works, I may have found replacement affordable products for good skin care.

    1. Hi Beth-

      That is a great question and, unfortunately, one that I’m not able to answer.

      The little jar doesn’t actually have the percentage on it and I got rid of the box, so I don’t know if that info was on there or not.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help! If someone else knows, please share!


    1. Hi Ana-

      The packaging just says ‘use daily’. I personally used it in the mornings because I wanted to see how it felt/looked under makeup.

      Hope that helps!


  6. I use it Morning and night after showers. I absolutely love it. My face looks and feels supple – and I’m 58. I love the lightweight gel on my face and the slight cooling affect. I need to go stock up.

    1. Hi Tracy-

      That’s great! I’m glad it’s working so well for you and your skin!

      The cooling/refreshing sensation was definitely one of my favorite parts of this product too.

      Thanks for leaving a comment about your experience!


  7. I love this product. When using any product you should give your skin no less than a 28 day cycle on the product, ideally longer, when it is hydrating it will pull out breakouts as the skin cycles. You have to stick around for the full transformation. It is worth it.

    1. Hi Cheryl-

      I’m happy you like it!

      I don’t know if I made it the full 28 days, but I definitely used it for 2 to 3 weeks before giving up. The breakouts were relentless for me and I don’t generally react that to moisturizers. It’s funny how everyone’s skin is so different!

      I appreciate the comment!


    1. Hi Rochelle-

      No, this product does not contain any sunscreen. It’s strictly a moisturizer. I’ve yet to see a Lacura product in my Aldi that contains sunscreen, but maybe there will be one in the future!

      I did just hit publish on a post about some daily wear face sunscreens that I’ve been testing out if you’re interested:

      Thanks for the question!


  8. Love the product itself
    The smell is a bit stronger than I prefer on my face but it isn’t a horrible smell so I deal with it.

    1. Hi Danielle-

      I’m happy to hear the product is working well for you!

      I agree on the scent. It’s definitely stronger than I would prefer, but like you said it’s not a ‘bad’ smell by any means. It just reminds me of laundry detergent.

      I appreciate the comment!


  9. I just bought this over the weekend and have to say, I’m pretty impressed with it already. I don’t feel the scent is overpowering and it’s so lightweight. I’m looking forward to trying more Lacura products when they appear on the shelves.

    1. Hi Becky-

      So happy to hear about your positive experience! The lightweight feel was definitely a major plus of the gel.

      I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment!


  10. I have the whole line of face wash/creams I get at Aldi. I can’t believe how affordable they are. Especially love the Aqua Gel!

    Hope they come out with facial sunscreen and whole body lotion.


    1. Chris-

      Yes, I would LOVE if they came out with their own mineral face sunscreen! That’s something that I’m trying to get better about wearing everyday and I’m finding that it is rather pricey.

      I’m glad the Aqua Gel is working so well for you!


  11. I have been using both the day and night cream for over 15 years. I am 73 years old and get many compliments on my skin. I can’t say anything bad about this product. I love it.

    1. Sandi-

      That’s great to hear! I’m happy it’s working so well for you.

      I’m also a big fan of their night cream.


  12. I’m very particular with my face products. And a bit bougie may I add when it comes to my facial routine. I came across this while shopping because I had no time to hit up Sephora and said what the heck, let me just grab something for now! Well, I’m quite impressed. My skin is soooo soft! I use Cera Ve face cleanser and this and honestly, my skin is super soft. I use day and night. My makeup goes on so smooth too. I’m actually happy with this product. Will buy again! So sorry this product didn’t work well for you. Oil of Olay products would do that to me.

    1. Hi Nichole-

      I’m happy to hear about your experience! With that price tag, I wish it worked for me too!! (I’m a bit jealous honestly).

      I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment!


        1. Hi Trina-

          I’m glad it’s working for you! Definitely can’t beat the price!


  13. I use it as body lotion too. My skin is so dry and this absorbs so quick and doesn’t make me feel like I used heavy lotions. I keep extra jars since my store runs out fast and it takes a while to get back in stock. My husband gets irritated skin on his legs and this is a cooling but temporary relief.

    1. Hi Rita-

      That’s something I hadn’t even considered! I could see this making a silky-feeling body lotion without being too heavy.

      Thanks for the idea and thanks for the comment!


  14. I use it night and day and my skin looks great and feels great. No breakouts and I’ve been using it for months. I hope it never comes off the shelves or changes.

    1. Hi Michelle-

      I’m happy to hear it’s working so well for you! It seems to be quite popular, so I don’t personally see it going anywhere.

      I appreciate the comment!


  15. Hi, I used the gel for first time today. I am 70+ with very dry skin and I maintain beautifully supple skin by taking good care of it and eating right. This gel went on smooth, made my skin feel moisturized without an oily feel but the fragrance was too much. My eyes burned and watered all day. I did not apply on or close to my eyes but they still burned and I found myself blinking often. I guess this product is a NO for me. If they made a fragrance free I’d buy it.

    1. Hi Alice-

      I’m sorry the gel didn’t work out for you either!

      I also found the scent to be way too strong for my liking, but I thankfully didn’t experience the watery/burning eyes. Maybe one day they’ll come out with a fragrance-free option.

      I appreciate you leaving a comment!


      1. Hola ! Yo compré mi segundo frasquito. No me parece que la fragancia sea desagradable, no me queda grasa la piel , solo hay que aplicarle bien y poca cantidad. Hay que esperar que la piel la absorba , a lo que seca me aplico el protector solar . La piel me queda muy linda .
        con un toque de brillo natural . Me la aplico por las mañanas antes de ir a trabajar.

        1. Hi Marilyn-

          I had to use Google Translate, so hopefully that was accurate.

          I’m happy to hear the gel is working so well for you and your skin! I agree the scent isn’t necessarily unpleasant, it’s just a bit too strong for my nose. But I do tend to be sensitive to smells in general and find they can sometimes cause headaches for me.

          I appreciate you reading and leaving a comment!


  16. I’ve used it for one week. Smell doesn’t bother me or my husband who also uses it on his face and head. I do wish it had sunscreen, I’m simple and don’t like applying product after product after product. It sinks into my skin, never feels clammy or sticky. So far so good.

    1. Hi Jennifer-

      Glad to hear that you and your husband are liking it so far! It would be nice to have moisturizer and sunscreen all in one step.

      I’m also happy to hear the smell isn’t an issue for you. I will say I am particularly sensitive when it comes to smells, though I know that’s not the case for most people. I remember becoming so carsick after someone used a banana scented hand sanitizer in the car. To this day, I’ve never bought a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer because of this incident. (Even writing this out and remembering made me feel a little queasy.)

      I appreciate the comment!


      1. I can relate and have not bought much B&BW products for this reason. I do like fresh/subtle scents. I carry my own hand sanitizer for this very reason. The blood orange from Grove is my preference.

        1. Hi Khay-

          Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been using the Everyone Hand Sanitizer in Ruby Grapefruit and that also works well for me. It does have a strong initial scent, but I find it fades very quickly.


  17. I love this product*…I just read an article that seemed to make a lot of sense…
    You should apply hyaluronic products to damp skin as it pulls in the moisture as the product dries and plumps the skin…and could end up doing the reverse on dry skin when applied…
    Definitely doing it this way in future…..
    *I seem to use all Aldi products for some time now…Got lots of expensive others…

    1. Hi Margaret-

      I’m happy this product is working for you! I’m also a huge fan of what Aldi has to offer. You really can’t beat the prices.

      I love the tip about applying the product on wet skin. That’s an idea I’ll have to try for my moisturizers!


  18. I’m surprised by how much I like this. It’s not exactly like the Neutrogena Hydroboost Water-Gel nor the Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel-Cream. It’s kind of like a hybrid of both — which is why I like it. I much prefer the feel of the gel but like the extra moisture of the cream. This feels like I’m getting the benefit of both. I do still prefer Neutrogena, but this is going to make it into the rotation. The scent isn’t overbearing and dissipates quick. I tend to use this the minute I get home and remove my makeup. I use micellar water and then put this on. That way I don’t get makeup and/or greasy cream anywhere whilst relaxing. I haven’t noticed any breakouts thus far.

    1. Hi Khay-

      I’m happy to hear this is working so well for you! I’ve actually never tried the Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel-Cream, but now I want to. It sounds like it could be a good nighttime option. Maybe that won’t make me breakout?

      Good tip on how to avoid smearing makeup!


  19. I bought this product at Aldi, at first it felt good and refresh but after fewer hours (I use before going into bed) my skin started feeling dry and I had itch, then redness and finally skin bumps and burning skin. Definitely causes me an allergy.

    1. Hi Vanessa-

      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that!! I was thankfully not allergic, but it did make me breakout.

      I appreciate the comment!


  20. I’m a Real Fan of this LaCura Product and miss having an Aldi around so much, specifically for this product, plus the rest of the LaCura Line available at Aldi.
    Guess I’ll try to order it online.

    1. Hi Jan-

      I’m glad this product works for you, but I’m sorry to hear you no longer have access to an Aldi! I love all of their fun, seasonal products- especially around the holidays.

      I hope ordering online works for you. I’ve never actually tried to do that.


  21. Question – I just bought this for the first time. Is the foil lid supposed to be sealed or just placed loosely? Trying to determine if the one I got had already been opened in the store…

    1. Hi Tracy-

      It has been so long since I’ve bought this product (as I wasn’t the biggest fan), so unfortunately I can’t remember.

      If I had to guess, I feel like it was sealed more firmly.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help!


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