New to book journaling? Me too.

New to book journaling? Me too.

I love to talk about books– what I’m reading, what I want to read, and so on. But I have this problem, that when someone asks what I’ve been reading lately or my favorite genres, I draw a complete blank.

I’m consistently reading books, but I don’t think I can name the last three books I’ve read. It’s like I read a book and move right on to the next one, completely forgetting the one I just read. It’s why I’m deciding to try something new in 2020 by keeping a book journal.

I found mine at Barnes and Noble (though it looks like it’s also on Amazon, HERE) and I love the format of being able to record 100 books and jotting down a few notes. It seems like a lot of book journals like to go alphabetically, but what if I want to read a lot of books that start with an ‘S’?

Anyone else keep a book journal? Do you feel like you remember the books better? I’m curious to see if it helps me.

First up on my list for 2020 is ‘A Gentleman in Moscow.’

5 thoughts on “New to book journaling? Me too.

  1. I have the same problem. Can’t ever seem to remember what I’ve read. So I started doing something similar—but went the digital route. Whenever I come across a sentence or phrase I want to remember from a book I immediately add it to a note in Notion with the page number. I don’t wait or pretend like I’m going to be responsible enough to add a summary after finishing the book. I just capture it immediately as I go. And if at the end of a book I have no notes, I just assume it wasn’t a book worth remembering 🙂

    1. I love the idea of being able to save quotes and important passages via the digital route! But I’m definitely more of a pen to paper kind of person. I may need to make an effort to try to include a memorable quote as part of my summary section. I’m new to this whole book journaling thing, so we’ll see how it goes!

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