Nuun Sport Hydration Tablet Flavor Reviews

Nuun Sport Hydration Tablet Flavor Reviews

Running in the summer is tough.

Running in Florida is tough.

Running in the summer in Florida is nearly impossible.

But I’m determined to gain some running ground, so I decided to get serious about hydration and electrolytes post-runs. After trying out samples of a few different products on the market, I decided to take the leap and ordered a variety pack of Nuun Sport from Amazon featuring six flavors: Tri-Berry, Grape, Tropical, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, and Lemon Lime.

While I find all to be drinkable, I wanted to share my rankings of the flavors (with hopes of trying out more in the future). Please note: These are strictly my opinions and there’s nothing at all scientific about my tasting process. Your list might be completely different.

#1 Nuun Sport Hydration: Lemon Lime

I really had zero expectations before trying this one. It honestly sounded very basic… but it’s turned out to be my favorite from the variety pack!

Flavor-wise, the lemon lime has a very similar taste to the classic yellow Gatorade. (Side note: Do you all refer to Gatorade by flavor or color? I’ve always done color with yellow and the original light blue being my favorites.) Considering the yellow Gatorade is, in fact, lemon-lime, this makes sense. But I still hadn’t expected it to taste so similar. I’ll definitely be buying this one again in the future.

#2 Nuun Sport Hydration: Tri-Berry

Similar to the lemon lime, there’s nothing particularly special about tri-berry as a flavor, but it really hits the spot after a long, sweaty run. There’s a perfect berry sweetness to it, without being overboard. I’d buy this one again as well.

#3 Nuun Sport Hydration: Strawberry Lemonade

This one had a lot of flavor potential- strawberry and lemonade both being solid flavor options- but I found it to be a bit too tangy for my tastes. It’s drinkable, but I’ll probably skip this one in the future.

#4 Nuun Sport Hydration: Fruit Punch

This one probably deserved to be higher, but I generally don’t like fruit punch as a flavor. That said, Nuun did nail the fruit punch flavor with this one without being too sweet. I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to drink this one at all, but it’s not bad. I’ll personally be skipping this one in the future, but if you like fruit punch, you’ll probably like it!

#5 Nuun Sport Hydration: Grape

I don’t want to say this was the biggest disappointment of the variety pack… but… I think I’m saying that.

I love grape-flavored things and don’t even mind grape-flavored medications all that much, so I had really high hopes for this one. And for me, it just didn’t deliver.

Like I said above, all of these flavors are drinkable, but this didn’t match what I had in my head. (To be fair, I probably just wanted grape soda, not grape-flavored water.)

#6 Nuun Sport Hydration: Tropical

I was most excited to try this one. Between the light blue labeling and the very vague flavor of ‘tropical’, I was intrigued to say the least.

But after drinking several of these tablets, I still really have no way of describing what ‘tropical’ tastes like. (The ingredients list isn’t much help either.) From what I can tell on the website, it may be pineapple and mango? I can’t personally taste those distinct flavors; it just tastes what you would expect a tropical candle to smell like. For some reason, I find that unsettling.

Final Thoughts on Nuun Sport Hydration

Please don’t take my harsh comments for hate. I actually really look forward to drinking my Nuun Sport (of all flavors) post-run! I do think it’s helped a lot with not feeling weak or dizzy after being out in the heat and humidity.

I also love how quickly and completely the tablets dissolve! There’s no gross chalkiness or intense stirring required. It’s all very easy.

Additionally, I love that Nuun has a caffeinated sport option and a non-caffeinated option. I usually end up running later in the day and don’t need the extra caffeine keeping me up all night. But there are some caffeine ones I am dying to try. Cherry limeade sounds like it would be incredible.

Have you tried Nuun Sport? Comment your favorite flavors below!

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3 thoughts on “Nuun Sport Hydration Tablet Flavor Reviews

  1. I completely understand the need for proper hydration, and Nuun Sport seems like a great option. I personally find it fascinating how our taste preferences can vary so much, as my favorite flavor from the variety pack would have to be the Grape one. It’s disappointing when a flavor doesn’t meet our expectations, but overall, I appreciate Nuun Sport for its effectiveness and easy dissolution. I might just give the Cherry Limeade a try for that extra boost of energy in my evening runs!

    1. Hi Avery-

      I appreciate the comment! I didn’t hate the grape by any means, but I think my expectations were just way too high that I ended up disappointed. But I agree, I love how well all Nuun flavors dissolve. No gross clumps!

      I’m still eager to try the cherry limeade one myself.


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