Make 2021 a ‘No-Buy Year’

Make 2021 a ‘No-Buy Year’

With 2021 quickly approaching, talk about New Year’s Resolutions is starting to bubble up again. But if you’re feeling burned by 2020 (who isn’t!?), you could take a different approach to goals this year.

Enter the ‘No-Buy Year.’

What’s a ‘No-Buy Year’?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Basically, you commit to not buying something or a category of something for an entire year.

Maybe it’s no new clothing?

This forces you to wear what you have and actually go through your clothes for once. You could always arrange clothing swaps with friends or family if you really need something new.

No new books?

It pains me to even raise this idea as an avid reader, but there are plenty of ways to get free books– libraries (using my favorite OverDrive App!!), book swaps, etc.

No new lipstick?

You know those 12 tubes sitting unused at your house? Time to give them a whirl. (You could also expand this to no new make-up if you’re feeling bold.)

You get the idea.

But there’s an important piece of the puzzle to help you stick with it. You need to have your reason why.  Why are you taking on this challenge? Why are you choosing this particular product or categories of products not to buy?

Why take on a ‘No-Buy Year’?

Is it about saving money? if so, make sure to track what you would have spent so you can get a clear picture of how much you actually saved. Maybe your no-buy year turns into years.

Is it about getting rid of clutter?

Maybe, it’s about living a more sustainable life as a whole?

So… what would you be willing to give up for a year? (If you need more ideas, you’ll love this article)

Daily planner for no-buy year

FYI– I still love New Year’s Resolutions, despite the chaos that 2020 meant for my goals.

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