REVIEW: SuperBeets Sport Powder

REVIEW: SuperBeets Sport Powder

This is going to sound a little weird, but I’ve had an interest in beets for a while.

I’ve heard random claims here and there that beets/beet juice can help with endurance, which as a runner, immediately grabbed my interest. However, besides occasionally adding beets to a salad, I’ve never taken any further action to study the claims or start incorporating beets into my fitness routine. That changed this weekend. (At least sort of. More on that ahead!)

I recently watched the documentary, The Game Changers on Netflix, and was reminded again about the claims surrounding beets and beet juice, so when I spotted a sample package of SuperBeets Sport at the store a few days later, it felt like a sign to give it a try.

SuperBeets Sport Package

Please Note: I’m not a health/wellness/fitness/nutrition expert by any means. This is just my personal experience trying out the SuperBeets Sport product.

About SuperBeets Sport Powder

According to their website, SuperBeets Sport acts as a caffeine-free pre-workout powder that claims to give you more energy, endurance, hydration, and more. Specifically, it’s supposed to help you workout up to 18% longer. 18% might not sound like a lot, but when you’re gearing up for a race, I know that could be huge!

I’ll admit that I haven’t really dug into the science behind beets and physical performance, but the website mentions an increase in nitric oxide production and better blood flow.

In terms of how to use the powder, it’s recommended that you take a serving with 4-6 oz of water about 30 minutes before your workout. I wasn’t seeing this on the website, but my individual package said to limit yourself to only one serving a day.

This stuff is pretty pricey in my opinion, with the 20 serving container costing $39.95 for a one-time purchase. In other words, it’s about $2 a serving.

My Experience Using SuperBeets Sport Powder

As someone that’s long been interested in how beets could impact athletic performance, I really wanted SuperBeets Sport to work for me. But, the taste was… not good.

I tried mixing the powder with about 6 oz of water. I figured even if I didn’t like the wild cherry flavor, the larger amount of water would help lessen any unpleasant taste. This was not the correct strategy. In hindsight, I think using less water to help chug it quicker was probably the better way to go.

So, what did it taste like? I don’t even know how to describe it. It wasn’t really cherry, but it was weirdly sweet. (Maybe, there was too much of the sweetener derived from stevia leaf extract?) Yet, there was also an underlying savory component too. For some odd reason, I got a hint of garlic, though that’s nowhere on the ingredient list. I’ll be honest and say I couldn’t finish the full 6 oz of water.

On a more positive note, the powder did mix very well, so there weren’t any clumps. The color was also very pretty!

SuperBeets Sport

After waiting about 25 minutes, I headed out on a run. The run started out super strong and I was wondering if the beets were responsible. But once the Florida heat/humidity kicked in around mile 2, I was struggling. So, did the beets help with my energy levels and endurance? I really can’t say. I don’t feel that one run is enough to judge whether or not the powder works, especially in the Florida summertime. Also, to be fair, I did not drink the full six ounces of water either…

Final Thoughts: SuperBeets Sport Powder

Would I buy SuperBeets Sport Powder again? Probably not.

Despite liking beets and not really minding beet taste, I could not get past the flavor of the powder. I was reading customer reviews on Amazon afterwards to see if anyone else felt this strongly about the flavor, and I’m definitely not alone! I read a few reviews about people saying they just chug it anyway because they like the effects on athletic performance and health benefits, but for something this expensive, I want to be able to enjoy it.

Despite this disappointment, I’m not giving up just yet. I want to try out some other powders on the market and see how the flavor compares before resorting to fresh beets alone.

There are also SuperBeets Chews in a 30-day supply that look intriguing and have better customer reviews about the flavor. However, they seem more geared toward heart health/cardiovascular health rather than sport.

Have any beet root powder recommendations to share or to avoid? Please leave a comment below! Enjoyed this review? Check out my Nuun Sport flavor reviews here.

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